Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : The Eye of the Serpent

Paragraph 18

The large tome is The Life of Kigolath the Hideous, by Jerendavudd. The book is average in size, with covers of human skin. The flax pages are unbound, but wrapped with a hemp cord. The book is kept closed by a cord twisted around a wooden button. It is very ancient and you expect that it will sell for around 600 gold coins if you manage to get out of the temple alive. But, it is far too big, bulky and awkward to carry. You may leave it alone and return to 36 and make another choice, or decide to leave the temple now with the stolen book. If you try and escape now, you quickly leave the chamber and cross the corridor back into the chamber where you first entered through the window. Make a L1SR on LK. If you fail go to 21. If you make it go to 19

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