Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : The Eye of the Serpent

Paragraph 34

You are in the Pit of the Serpent. In here, a monstrous snake dwells, fed by torture victims, sacrifices and slain intruders to the temple. The snake has an MR of 1000. You must get out fast! But... You see in the gloom that the floor, although filth-ridden, is riddled with coins. You may return to the outer tunnel now and leave the mini-adventure at 19. Or, if you are brave, you may steal treasure first. For every turn you gather treasure, make a L1SR on LK. If you succeed, you steal as many gold coins as you made the SR by multiplied by 100. The first time you fail the saving roll you are devoured by the mighty snake, which swallows you in one silent gulp before you even see or hear it in the grim stinking darkness of the pit. You make stay for as many turns as you like, but for each turn that you do, your CON drops by 1 until you escape the adventure, because of the horrible disease-ridden conditions down here. When you have had enough leave the pit at 19, or, if you return to the last chamber you were in go to 21. Do not let greed be your downfall!

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