Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : The Eye of the Serpent

Paragraph 6

You throw yourself through the arched window just as two heavily armed and armoured guards appear, but you are quickly out of sight. However, as you crouch down beneath the window, you think that you hear them speaking, and hear one of them running away. You had better be quick, for if they spotted you as you climbed through the window they are bound to search the tower quickly, and if you are found you will surely die. By the light of the moon you can see that you are in a small chamber, containing nothing more than a small writing desk and a low wooden chest. An arched door stands ajar, leading into a dimly lit corridor. To go through the door go to 14. To inspect the chest go to 27. To search the desk, make a L1SR on LK. If you fail go to 2. If you make it go to 37.

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