Tunnels & Trolls Fantasy Role Playing Game : Hela's House of Dark Delights

She leads you deep into the pyramid, to the forge of a wizard-smith. He has only one weapon available and the cost is 1000 times the price in the rules. To see what it is, first roll one die: (1) swords; (2) a class I hafted weapon; (3) a class II hafted weapon; (4) a class III hafted weapon; (5) a spear; (6) a dagger. This magic weapon has the power to bounce any magic spell cast at you back at the sender, and it gets the same number of dice as you have personal adds when you are fighting with it. To decide which weapon within a class is available, roll two dice and count down from the top. Doubles add and roll over - if you reach the bottom of the list, return to the top and keep counting. If you have the Strength and Dexterity necessary to use the one weapon available, buy it. If you don't have the necessary attributes, your guide will take you to buy something more suited to you, at a cost of only 100 times its normal value.