Tunnels & Trolls Fantasy Role Playing Game : Hela's House of Dark Delights

She takes you deep into the pyramid to meet Hela herself. The lady in question is tall and thin and incredibly beautiful. She dresses all in green and black and most of her body is masked in a great ebony dragon-helm. She examines you and says, "I know what you need." Roll two dice and check the table below to see what power you get.

  1. Once in any 24-hour period you may teleport up to 100 miles at no cost in Strength.
  2. Magic thrown at you by anyone but yourself dissipates harmlessly if you roll a five or better on two dice.
  3. You may change into the beast or monster of your choice at no cost with a monster rating equal to the sum of double your attributes and change back at will.
  4. You change any living thing you touch with the bare skin of your left hand into a frog with a monster rating of 2. You cannot change yourself this way.
  5. Your touch negates any magical curse or spell on a being if the curse is of a lower level than you are.
  6. Your have the power to walk on any solid surface, including sheer walls and ceilings.
  7. You have the power to fly at will.
  8. You have the power of Wizard Speech.
  9. You regenerate combat and poison and disease hits equal to your total CON rating each combat turn. To be slain you must take double your CON in damage on a single combat turn.
  10. You have the power of incorporeality at will. By magically shifting your body out of phase with the rest of the universe, you cannot be hurt by any physical means. You still can cast magic and still are vulnerable to it.
  11. Dragonspeech and the Word of Command. You have the power to speak to dragons and command them to help you, which they will do. You do not have the power to summon dragons when there are none about.

After your new magical power is determined, you must leave.