Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


More dead than alive, the victors loot your body, taking all weapons, jewelry, and money. They toss your carcase out on a trash heap. But, you are not dead. Somehow the will to live burns strongly within you. Perhaps it is the residual magic that is even in Gristlegrim's trash. Somehow, your wounds quit bleeding, and you start to heal. Many hours later you open your eyes and say, "Where am I?" A wandering trash picker notices that you're alive, and comes to your assistance. With his help, you get back into Khosht and to your rooms at the local tavern, where you are layed up for many a day. Because of your severe wounds, the base value of your CON attribute is reduced by half. You could build it back up again later through spending adventure points on it, or getting magical CON enhancers, but for now, you're only half the character you used to be. The advenure is over. Give yourself another 100 adventure points for living through it. THE END.