Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


The red-bearded Dwarf leaps to his feet and lashes out at you with his battleaxe. You dodge nimbly back and he misses. In anger, you draw your own weapon and counterattack. "A duel! A duel!" bellow the other dwarves. "Gather round, make a circle. No magic allowed!" shouts a one-eyed, yellow-bearded fellow wearing a gray robe covered with bright red runes. (He is a mighty wizard, and he will instantly dispell any magic you try to cast.) Fight the duel. The Dwarf (Surr Redbeard) uses his axe (6d6 + 3 and has 40 combat adds. He has a CON of 38, and wears Dwarven mail that takes 11 hits in combat (doubled to 22 if he needs it because he's a warrior.) Don't forget spite damage. No calling on Gristlegrim for this one.

If Surr slays you, it's The END. If you slay him, go to 1M. If 5 combat rounds go by, and you're both still alive, go to 1N.