Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


The spectators are quite disappointed that you still live - Surr was well-liked in this room, but they concede that you won fairly and are entitled to the spoils. Surr's armor is too hacked up to be worth anything to you, but he has an enchanted Dwarven Great Axe that does 6d6 + 3 in combat. It also glows with an eerie blue light when any Uruks or Trolls are nearby (100 feet). You can also get the glow effect from the axe by saying the trigger word "fhrr" (Dwarven for light or fire in the old language without vowels).. Surr also has 10d6 gold pieces in a pouch on his belt, and a mysterious treasure map. After all this, you realize that your best option is to simply do what your waitress told you to do.

Take your loot, and go to 1B and make another choice.