Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


Armor is basically tied and buckled on the body. If you can get it off quickly enough, you can get back to the surface and avoid drowning. If you have leather armor, make a L3SR on DEX. If you make it, your armor falls to the bottom of the pool, along with all weapons except the dagger you used to help cut yourself free. If you have scale armor, make a L5SR on DEX to drop all armor and reach the surface. If you have plate armor, make a L7SR on DEX to drop all armor and weapons and reach the surface. If you reach the surface, you will find an island nearby and be able to reach it and climb out of the water. Go to 2J. If you missed your DEX saving roll, you have one more chance to survive. Make a L9SR on Luck. If you made it, a giant turtle surfaced beneath you and carried you back up into the air. It also swims for a short while and crawls ashore on the largest island in the lake. Go to 2R. If you missed all saving rolls, you drowned - close the book.