Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


You approach the closest coffin. It is a sarcophagus, covered with a small fortune in gold leaf. The picture on the lid shows a mighty ogre in truesilver armor, all points and gleaming curves. He is holding a mighty halbard, very much like the one that the nearest skeleton warrior is holding. You look apprehensively at the giant skeletons leaning against the tomb wall. They don't move. You cautiously open the coffin. Inside, instead of a body, is a beautiful mace-with a steel haft and a round spiked head made of true silver. The only problem is, the weapon is made for an ogre and weighs about 40 pounds. (400 wu). If you take the mace, go to 3K; if you leave it, go to 3L.