Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


You pass both coffins and approach the third coffin. It is much fancier than the other two. Those sarcophagi had gold leaf on the wood, but this one is made of solid gold. If you could carry this coffin, your fortune would be made, but it has a weight of over 2000 pounds-you would need a STR of 200 to lift it. With difficulty, you pry the lid off of it. Inside is the enbalmed corpse of an ancient Ogre king. It is wearing the brass ring that you need to exit the chamber. As you wonder what to do, it opens its eyes, sits up, and croaks a command in Ogrish. The two guards straighten up and prepare to attack you. If you jump back to fight the undead guardians, go to 3Q. If you first slam the golden coffin shut, go to 3R.