Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


You may try to enchant your weapons at this time. Choose your spell; make the INT saving roll necessary to cast it, and you will have enchanted your weapon. By the same token, you may also cast either Hidey Hole or Little Feets, which will double your effect in combat for the next 5 paragraphs. Remember that you must make an INT saving roll on the spell level before any of these spells will take effect. If you find yourself in combat with skeletons (and you probably will very soon), remember that you can do either magic, or weapons diamage in a single turn-not both, although you can use an enchanted weapon. If you choose to do more direct magaical damage, such as TTYF or Freeze Please, you may do so by making the INT saving roll, and the damage will happen. The magical damage of such spells will also count as your combat total to see how much damage the foe does to you. Now, return to 3B and make another choice.