Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


The ogre mace is five feet long and weighs 40 pounds. It requires a STR of 20 and a DEX of 10 to use effectively. It gets 20D6 in combat and counts as a magic weapon. It would be worth about 4000 gold pieces in the weapon markets of Khazan. Anyone attempting to use it without the proper STR will tire extremely rapidly. Those without the proper amount of STR find their STR halved each time they try to swing the weapon. Those without the proper DEX do no damage at all. If STR gets less than 1, the user passes out, which is usually fatal in combat. Now that you know all about the Ogre mace, you may drop it at any time. Whether you keep it or not, you must go to 3B and make another choice. You cannot return to 3K during this adventure.