Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


You unlock the box and open it. Make a L1SR on Luck. If you make the saving roll, you find a beautiful magical diamond ring. It is just the right size to fit the middle finger of your left hand (if you have a left hand). Value is 17000 gold pieces. The ring comes with a little card which has this rhyme:

Let me glow and all will know;
If I don't show, then neither will you.

It's Dwarvish poetry-what did you expect? A little experimenting will show you that if you hold the diamond turned inward inside your fist, then you will fade from sight and be invisible. This effect lasts as long as the ring is worn and the diamond concealed inside your hand. What doesn't show is that it also drains one point permanently from your highest attribute each time you do this. Drain that point now, since you must have done this at least once.

If you missed the saving roll, you will find a brass ring and a door will shimmer into existence on the nearest wall. If you would like to try the brass ring on the new door, go to 4N. If you would like to try another of the 4 keys, return to 4P and make a different choice.