Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


You unlock the box and open it. Make a L3SR on Luck. If you make the saving roll, you find a beautiful magical ruby ring. It is just the right size to fit the middle finger of your left hand (if you have a left hand). Value is 19000 gold pieces. The ring comes with a little card which has this rhyme:

Rub the ring and have no fear-
Help from Dwarf God will appear.
If there is no foe to smear,
You'll be sorry.

It's Dwarvish poetry.-what did you expect? Your own common sense suggests that you not try rubbing the ring unless you really need help. (The effects: Wear the ring, and when you rub it roll on the Random Monster table. A monster will be magically summoned and it will fight on your side against any foe. If there is no foe, the monster will attack you instead. What you don't notice is that every time you use the ring, you permanently lose 3 INT points.

If you missed the saving roll, the box is empty except for a short note that says: Gristlegrim is a fink!

Return to 4P and try another box.