Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


The gold comes crashing out of the cube and coalesces to form a golden troll with a monster rating equal to your current STR + CON. Since you made the saving roll, it bellows in Common, "Need any help, boss?" It then aids you in your fight against the wandering monster. At this point in time, you have gained a loyal servant-a gold troll who will follow you around and carry your stuff, or fight for you. It is magically linked to you. Its MR is always the sum of your STR plus CON. When you are fighting, it will always take damage first for you. If it is completely slain in a single combat turn, then it reverts to being just 10,000 gold pieces. If not slain in a single turn, it magically regenerates to whatever value your combined STR and CON equal at the beginning of the next combat round. If you are ever slain, it will metamorphose back into 10,000 coins. At this point you must fight the monster along with your trusty helper - go to 5C.