Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


The note is written in your native language, and if you couldn't read before, you can read now, at least your own language. There is writing on both sides of the paper. One side says, "It would be a really good idea to use the key and exit now." The other side says, "It would be a really bad idea to touch another statue or open the chest." After you read the note, it vanishes in a small wisp of bright red smoke. If you wish to use the key to exit, go to 6K. If you wish to ignore instructions and try your luck with another statue, go to 6L. If you wish to ignore the note and open the chest, go to 6C. If you just wish to wait around to see if anything else happens, first the key and the door will disappear, and then you'll go to 6D.