Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


Ouch! The pain is tremendous. You feel your body warping and twisting-bones breaking and healing in new patterns. You are transforming into whatever you touched. You can find kindred multipliers on pp. 25-27 of the T & T 7th edition rules - apply them to your current attribute ratings, and you switch to that kindred. Your character type is not changed-if you started as a rogue, you remain a rogue, etc. However, if your determining attributes (p. 37 in the rules) changed enough to take you up or down in level, then you have a new character level. After your change, you find a key in your pocket, and you notice a door in the far wall that you somehow didn't see before. There is also a note in your pocket. If you want to read the note, go to 6E. If you want to use the key on the door, go to 6K. If you want to touch another statue, go to 6L. If you decide to open the treasure chest, go to 6C. If you just wait around to see what happens next, go to 6D.