Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


"Damn!" howls the barbarian when he sees you lay down your weapon and go down on your knees to beg for mercy. "I was hoping to meet a hero, and all I get is a craven dog." He takes your weapon and breaks it against a wall before giving the broken thing back to you. (As a weapon it now gets half the dice and adds it had before - if it was enchanted, the magic is gone.) "Live then!" he snarls. "Take this and go! He gives you a brass ring, and you see a door appear on the far side of the room. Such a sensible approach to this challenge was not what the audience wanted to see. Gristlegrim silently and unnoticeably reduces your Charisma by 6 points, but he increases your Intelligence by 1. You use the brass ring to magically open the door, and walk into a different room. Go to 1L.