Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


You are searching the room and not finding much when suddenly there is a blast of sulphurous air and a gigantic Dwarf teleports into the room. He must be 8 feet tall, but stocky and burly. He wears a horned helmet and Dwarven mail. His gnarled face bears a jeweled eyepatch, and his blonde beard is studded with jewels. He takes Rognoth in his arms, grabs the head, sticks it back on, and says a thunderous word of power. (KABOOM!)

Rognoth opens his eyes. "Did I die?" he asks. "By the Elder Demons, that guy was great!' You are standing about 20 feet away with your mouth hanging open. You realize that this must be Gristlegrim himself, and you are in the presence of a living god. You soak up the glory and gain 2000 adventure points and each of your attributes increases by 1 point.

"He's still here," says Rognoth. Gristlegrim looks up and notices you for the first time. "Be gone!" he bellows, waving one massive fist in your direction. BAMFF! Go to 1L.