Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


Rognoth offers you a brass ring and a golden arm bracelet worth 200 gold pieces. In Dwarven runes on the inside of the bracelet it says, "I fought Rognoth the Mighty and lived." While you wear this bracelet, your STR adds in combat are doubled. (Your STR isn't doubled, just your STR adds. So, if you have a STR of 14, it remains 14, but your adds are doubled from 2 to 4.) He also gives you a healing potion-one dose only that will restore 3D6 CON points lost in combat. (If that restores CON to a value higher than its normal value, those extra CON points will vanish when you are wounded in combat and not regenerate as your normal CON does.) Then the brass ring leads you to the exit - a door in a side wall that you had somehow missed seeing when you came in. Touching the ring to the door, it shimmers open, and you step though to 1L.