Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


A nearby mushroom splits open and out of it spills a cascade of golden coins-exactly 100 times as many as the number you wrote down. However, you don't feel so good. Divide the number you wrote down by 8 and round up if the number is not a multiple of 8 so that you have an integer. Then subtract that integer from each of your 8 prime attributes. (Example: you chose the number 20. Divide by 8 and you get 2.5. Round up and you get 3. You would reduce each of your attributes by 3 points and you would get 2000 gold pieces.) This is your new base value for each attribute. If you reduced any of your 8 attributes to zero in this fashion, then you just died. Greed kills. If all of your attributes are still positive, then take your money and go to 9S.