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Gristlegrim's Floating Fortress for Tunnels & Trolls fantasy role playing game by Ken St. Andre

Greetings bold adventurers!

Presented here is the world famous Gristlegrim's Floating Fortress.

The aim over the coming months is to present all of the many rooms and creatures that make up this dastardly maze.

Most recent additions:

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TrollsZine : Issue 3


The third issue of the TrollsZine! created by members of the Trollbridge and with contributions from members of Trollhalla and The Trollgod.

TrollsZine is a free download from DriveThruRPG TrollsZine : Issue 3.

Tunnels & Trolls Solos

In addition to the rooms and monsters that make up Gristlegrim's Floating Fortress you will also find Khosht and Hela's House of Dark Delights on-line solo dungeon for Tunnels & Trolls by Ken St. Andre and The Eye of the Serpent on-line solo dungeon for Tunnels & Trolls by Andy R. Holmes.

Tunnels & Trolls On-Line Solos

Tunnels & Trolls Fiction

We also have some Tunnels & Trolls fiction - The Last Adventure of Big Jack Brass by Ken St. Andre. We hope to get more!

Tunnels & Trolls Fiction

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