Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : The Eye of the Serpent

This is a mini-solo adventure for Tunnels & Trolls, using 5th Edition rules. To play you will need a character of first level, some 6-sided dice, pencil and scrap paper. There is no limit on the number of personal or weapon adds the character can have but the character must NOT be greater than first level or the adventure will not be a challenge. All saving throws are level 1 throughout the scenario. Your character will need to be equipped with weapons and armour and may need some basic provisions. The solo uses standard T&T abbreviations throughout, for example L1SR on LK is a first level saving roll on Luck, etc.

This adventure has been written exclusively for Gristlegrim courtesy of The Hobgoblin's Tavern, by AR Holmes.

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Content Copyright 2007 - 2010 The Hobgoblin's Tavern - AR Holmes, used by kind permission.
Thanks go to Boozer.