Tunnels & Trolls Gristlegrim: Overview

The great creator god of the Dwarves of Trollworld is named Gristlegrim. He operates a huge and ever-changing dungeon, which can generally be found floating about a mile in the sky somewhere over the dragon continent. Your first challenge is always how to get up to the dungeon. Sometimes, the Game Master will help you get there.

Once you enter Gristlegrim, all you really know is that the way out is not the same as the way in. You have to discover it, because there is no going back. The whole dungeon complex reeks of magic--good, bad, and functional, so intermixed that it is senseless to try to detect magic. Anyone with the capability detects magic all the time.

Gristlegrim, Dungeon Survival Guide by J.FreelsThe complex is divided into 6 levels with 9 rooms on each level arranged in a 3 by 3 grid. Each room is numbered with the first number indicating the level of the dungeon. I usually count down from the top. So, there is no room 1, but there is a room 101. I have written my descriptions on 5 by 8 cards and generally have 3 different rooms on each card. As you can see, there are a lot of rooms in Gristlegrim.

The rooms are generally about 100 feet cubical--that is 100 feet on each side and 100 feet high. The walls glow with a dim light equivalent to twilight or pre-dawn--delvers can see all right, but things can be dim. The walls are impenetrable to any substance or magic known on Trollworld--at least anything short of god-level magic cannot affect them. You can't mine, melt, phase through, or destroy the walls of Gristlegrim. No matter how many doors a room may have leading in and out, only one can be open at a time.

Anything can happen inside these rooms. It may appear to be a simple room, or a whole world may be placed inside it. The wizard Khazan was trapped inside a world inside Gristlegrim for a hundred years back before the rise of Lerotra'hh, the Death Goddess.

Rooms sometimes have guardian monsters, but most of the time your fighting foes will be teleported into the room once the adventurers are well within it.

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