Gristlegrim's Monsters White Worms

White Worms are creatures of ice and snow. They come in various sizes ranging from 30 to 100 feet in length, and look something like earthworms of gigantic size and albino pallor. They emanate a freezing chill, and when they fasten their circular mouths upon a person, they suck the heat right out of him/her. Their skin is armored by what seems like a layer of ice crystals.

A level one white worm has a monster rating of 88; level two is 176; level three is 352, and so forth, with the monster rating doubling each time the creature's level goes up one. Gristlegrim doesn't keep any white worms longer than 100 feet or higher than level three, although larger ones have been spotted on glaciers and icy mountain tops. In Gristlegrim the level of the worm generally matches the level of the room, and they are not used below level 3. Usually only one monster appears at a time, but if the party of adventurers is extremely large, let there by one worm attacking for every three players. These worms are relatively fast and can move and attack at the speed of a dog.