Tunnels & Trolls : Gristlegrim Room 1000--The Death Room

This is hideous. Stop reading now if you wish to preserve your sanity.

Okay, I warned you.

This room may appear on any level of Gristlegrim. It is the ultimate challenge, and we all face it sooner or later. And, as far as I know, we all fail, but there may be some immortals out there--they wouldn't tell me, and if they did, I wouldn't believe them.

The room is small, perhaps 10 feet square. The door you entered by vanishes behind you and you are stuck in this room until you meet the challenge. The floor has a thick black carpet on it that muffles all sound. The walls have heavy black tapestries on them--not solid unrelieved black, but shades of black showing all the scenes of life--birth, childhood, love, feasting, hunting, combat, but everything is done in black, and close examination will reveal that every face is the face of a skull. There are four seven-branched candelabra providing an eerie orange-yellow light from their positions in the corners of the room. All shadows fall toward the center of the room, and you have multiple shadows. In the center of the room is a black altar. Behind it is a sarcophagus. And seated on the sarcophagus is an eerie figure in black robes. he is juggling black dice with numbers of fire on their sides.

The figure is Death personified. He challenges you to a game of dice. This is a simple game. You and death will roll dice. The high total wins. You get 1D6 for each level you are on inside Gristlegrim. For example, if you are on level one, you only get 1d6; if you are on level 6, you get 6. Death rolls a d20 to determine how many dice He gets. Not fair? Of course it isn't. Death isn't fair, but He can be random. If you take the challenge and lose, the character is dead. Plain and simple. No way out. Tear up the character card. He/she/it is gone. If you win, you become immortal. CON goes to 1 million, and regenerates damage at up to 100,000 hit points per combat turn. You become immune to anything other than god-level magic. All lower level sorceries will fail against you. You may, however, be overcome and captured by force if your opponents roll triple your combat total or higher and state a desire to capture you.

You may refuse the challenge if you wish. In that case you will lose all weapons, items, and treasure that you own along with half your CON points permanently, and be issued naked out of Gristlegrim.

You may attack Death with weapons or sorcery or both. That is the same as refusing the challenge. You blink and you find yourself naked on the ground below the Floating Fortress. You don't lose any Constitution though.

If you win the challenge, you are issued out of Gristlegrim. You now have the mega-character to end all mega-characters. Be careful. It may not be the boon it appears to be.