Gristlegrim's Monsters Rocodiles

Rocodile by David A. UlleryRocodiles look like crocodile-headed gorillas with bat-wings sprouting from their shoulders. Teeth and claws appear to be made of slate instead of ivory--they are jagged gray. Each creature stands about six feet tall, and would be even bigger except for the short, bowed legs of the gorilla. Each has a long, crocodilian tail sprouting from its nether region. The skin has a stony, scaly appearance.

Rocodiles prefer to fight from the air. They are capable of limited flight, hopping and fluttering about like a chicken, buffeting and smashing with wing tips and edges. They swing their vicious crocodilian tails repeatedly at their foes, hoping to do smashing damage.

Level 1: 40
Level 2: 80
Level 3: 120
Level 4: 160
Level 5: 200
Level 6: 240

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