Gristlegrim's Monsters Slobber Monster

A Slobber Monster looks something like a giant four-fingered hand without a thumb. They are the shocking pink color of a rose and are about 4 feet in height. The fingers serve as legs, but each one had a long ragged fingernail on it, a nail that bends sickeningly each time a finger-foot hits the ground.

The back and bottom of the 'hand' is covered with mouths-- about a dozen of them, each one drooling prodigiously. Phlegm flying in all directions. The mouths also scream continuously. In addition to the dozen mouths, there are two dozen large lemon-yellow eyes. Some of them seem to roll helplessly in their sockets. Some bounce about as if they were on springs, but some will be focused on various members of the adventurers party.

Oh, and the Slobber Monster will be charging the first PC through the door. If you really want to frighten the party, have one slobber monster for each member of it. Although they charge ferociously, they don't really want to make contact, so at the last second they usually leap over their prey and try to nip with one or more mouths.

Although slobber monsters look extremely frightening, they are not very strong at all. They are really big bags of puss, and any strong blow will explode them like a balloon, spattering spit and slime all over the unlucky adventurer--think of it as a disgusting version of getting hit with a cream pie.

Slobber monsters only come in one size:

Level One: M.R. = 8.