Gristlegrim's Monsters Tigers

Tiger by David A. UlleryEveryone loves tigers--those fierce, unrelenting carnivores of the jungle. Gristlegrim enjoys watching cats play with their food, and so will send one tiger along for each memmber of the delving party.

These are Trollworld tigers, so their fangs are a little bigger, their claws a little sharper, their tawny orange and black coats a bit glossier. The size of the tiger depends on the level of Gristlegrim where it is encountered.

Level 1--4' high. M.R. = 44.
Level 2--5' high. M.R. = 88.
Level 3--6' high. M.R. = 176.
Level 4--7' high. M.R. = 352.
Level 5--8' high. M.R. = 704.
Level 6--9' high. M.R. = 1408.

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