Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : The Eye of the Serpent


You have observed the Temple of the Timeless Serpent for many days. People speak in hushed tones of the treasure contained therein, but also of monstrous snakes that are kept hidden beneath the temple, grown to huge sizes by being fed living sacrifices and the corpses of those who are caught trying to steal from the priests. The Eye of the Serpent is said to be a huge gem, guarded by a giant snake, which could swallow a man whole in one gulp. However, great wealth could be yours if you are careful. The temple is composed of a high tower and situated in a dubious section of the outer city known as The Shades. Today you will sit in the Tavern of the Black Skull, from where you can watch the temple and observe the habits of the guard patrol, which seem to have been lax of late. Tonight, armed with your best weapons, wearing your most suitable armour and carrying a few sacks for loot, you will enter the temple and try and make yourself a fortune. Adrenalin pumps quickly through your veins as you await nightfall, and your adventure within the temple of the Timeless Serpent... Go to 1.

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