Hela's House of Dark Delights for Tunnels & Trolls

This is a hypertext rendition of the solo adventure Hela's House of Dark Delights, originally published by Different Worlds Magazine in issue 22, July 1982. Originally adapted to HTML by Peter Lewerin

From time to time I like to expand upon the mythos of Khazan, city of monsters. This adventure is for all character classes and kindreds regardless of level, and it deals with what may well be the most amazing place in the whole city: Hela's House of Dark Delights.

Hela's House fairly shrieks its magical origin. It is a pyramid on the north side of Great Khazan on the edge of the Noble Quarter built entirely of polished obsidian. Furthermore, it is huge, being of a mile along each base edge. There are doors along the front edge large enough to admit anything under 100 feet tall. There is also a great sign made of carved and polished ivory. It reads:

House of Dark Delights. Beware of your wish, it may come true.

A great horde of people enter the House every day and night. Somewhat fewer of them come back out, and they don't always come out in the same condition as they were when they went in. It is well known that the Laws of Khazan do not extend within the pyramid, and that anybody who enters deserves whatever he gets. Legend has it that Hela was a goddess in her own world before coming to Khazan and that she could challenge the power of Lerotra'hh if she wished to make a fight of it. At any rate, her magic is both extremely powerful and extremely subtle - those who experience it sometimes don't know they have been changed for weeks.

This is not your ordinary adventure with a plot. It is more like going into an expensive store and buying something. If you wish, it can be repeated again and again. However, remember that you are dealing with a power that can read your true thoughts and desires below the level of surface consciousness. You may not get what you want - you may get what you need, or deserve. To play you will need the 5th edition T&T rules, some scratch paper, and quite a few ordinary dice. It might be helpful to have the Arena of Khazan or the Naked Doom adventure solitaires, but will not be absolutely necessary. Good luck, and be careful!

Enter Hela's House of Dark Delights.