Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht

Introduction: The Gristlegrim Franchise

One day, as Jax and Taran were adventuring inside Gristlegrim's Floating Fortress, Taran said, "It's too bad we have to come way out here in the wilderness to take a run at Gristlegrim. I bet he'd get lots more business if his dungeon was in town."

And since Gristlegrim watches his adventurers while they are risking their lives to keep him amused, he heard the comment, and in the days that followed he began to think about it. He knew there were dungeon experiences available in some cities of Trollworld. Why shouldn't he get some of the action.

And so, one day, the good citizens of Khosht woke up to find that a section of open farmland just north of the city had been replaced by a huge stone building 100 feet high and 300 feet square. Blazoned on the walls were huge ıı symbols, that being the Dwarven runes for GG or Gristlegrim. There were no doors or exits visible, but as the curious people of Khosht watched, a few Dwarves seemed to walk through the walls in various places. Obviously, the doors were invisible on the outside. The whole complex radiated magic strongly.

On the side nearest the city gate was a few smaller buildings. One seemed to be a small temple to Gristlegrim, the Dwarf God, with seven Dwarven priests bustling around in golden robes. There were seven Dwarven warriors standing guard at the entrance, and someone who looked like a merchant and kept yelling "Get in line! 100 gold pieces and you, yes you, can enter the fabulous Gristlegrim mini-dungeon. Anything you manage to bring out with you is yours to keep."

In the other building there was a big dark hall filled with chairs. On a sign outside it said, "Watch the brave adventurers in Gristlegrim's Tomb of Terror. Only 10 gold pieces per show!" On one wall was a large blank space that seemed to be lit from within. When the first adventurer ventured inside, the blank space lit up, and those sitting in the hall could see and hear everything he did.

Yes, Gristlegrim has taken his product to the people and invented reality television for Trollworld all at the same time. The question is: are you brave enough to enter Gristlegrim, and if you do, will you get out alive? To take an adventurer into this dungeon, go to Entrance Paragraph, but first read the Rules & Disclaimers.