Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht

Rules & Disclaimers

  1. The Seventh edition rules of Tunnels and Trolls apply to all Gristlegrim mini-dungons. Adventure points, combat, saving rolls, and magic are all taken directly from the seventh edition rulebook.
  2. Only one adventurer may enter the dungeon at a time. He may be of any level and may bring any equipment that he has with him. All magical items are not guaranteed to work within the dungeon. Neither will all spells. In general, combat spells will work. Healing spells will work. Summonings spells, teleportation spells, size modification spells will not work. You cannot teleport out of the dungeon to safety. You can't teleport your foe out.
  3. You know you are risking your life by entering the dungeon. This you do willingly for the chance to carry off Gristlegrim's treasure. If you die, that's too bad. You should have bought insurance at the gate.
  4. Good luck!

Do this before you start to play!