Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht

Random Monsters Tables

When told to roll for a random monster, roll 1d6 and check the charts below. You will never encounter the same monster twice. If you roll the same monster, a second time, consult chart 2, a third time consult chart 3. If you roll the same number more than 3 times in the course of an adventure for random monsters, then roll again until you get a number you can use. All monsters fight to the death and have treasure only if it says they do.

Chart 1
d6 Monster Stats Description
1 A goblin MR 30, WIZ 3 Armed with a stone-tipped spear. Treasure: 1d6 gold pieces.
2 A Sphinx MR 87, WIZ 9 Fang and claw, no riddles.
3 A cave shadow MR 46, WIZ 5 Fang and claw.
4 A Skeleton man MR 64, WIZ 7 Great shamsheer. Leather armor. Takes 6 hits of damage. Treasure: 3d6 gold pieces.
5 A griffin MR 91, WIZ 9 9 feet high at the shoulder.
6 A screaming banshee. MR 45, WIZ 10 Armed with magical banshee blade. Gets 5d6 in combat and counts as a magical weapon towards things that can only be harmed by magical weapons. For each combat turn that the banshee remains alive and fighting, reduce INT and CON by 3 points. The INT will return at a rate of 1 point per paragraph read and played through, but the CON damage must be healed to return.

Chart 2

d6 Monster Stats Description
1 A zilla lizard MR 101, WIZ 10 A ferocious lizard that walks on its hind feet. Fights with fang, claw, and tail. Thick hide provides 5 points of protection from weapons.
2 A wraith MR 50 WIZ 5 This immaterial monster cannot be hurt by weapons, only by magic or magical weapons. It induces terror in its victim. Make L2SR on INT each combat turn to avoid panic. If you miss the SR, take the difference in damage to both CON and INT. Do 50 points of magical damage and the wraith is defeated.
3 A wabberjock bird MR 142, WIZ 14 Beak and talon and wing buffet. Each combat turn fighting wabbergjock costs 1 INT point which will not return.
4 A giant spider MR. 64. WIZ 7 Fang and claw and venom. If damage to CON taken from spider bites, reduce combat adds by 1 for each 1 point of damage. This effect will wear off in 1 game hour after the spider is dead.
5 A white worm MR 88, WIZ 9 Fang and claw. Imagine a land-going eel 10 feet long and 3 feet thick attacking.
6 A clawed horror MR 75, WIZ 8 A manlike thing with chitinous skin, and 4 arms, each ending in a four-clawed "hand". The skin provides 5 points of armor protection against weapons.

Chart 3

d6 Monster Stats Description
1 A flame demon MR 188, WIZ 19 A classical red-skinned bat-winged, tailed demon who fights with a flaming whip (worth 19d6 and counts as a magical weapon. Requires DEX 19 to wield it, and it leeches 3 points of WIZ each combat round to make it flame.. Treasure: a ruby worth 1d6 thousand gold pieces.
2 A Gorgon MR 25, WIZ 3 A woman with snakes for hair. Seeing her directly turns one into stone. Make a saving roll equal to the room number on Luck to avoid seeing her deadly face. If you make the saving roll, she bamfs back out and you live. If you miss it, you die. There is no combat with a gorgon.
3 A ghoul MMR 56. WIZ 16 A cross between a baboon and a yeti. Glaring red eyes. Resists magic spells because of high WIZ rating. Fang and claw.
4 A gnole MR 63, WIZ 6 Looks like a furry black gnome with pointed teeth and red eyes. Armed with an enchanted sickle that does 7d6 in combat and counts as magical..
5 An invisible stalker MR 80, WIZ 8 Nobody knows what it looks like, it's invisible. Thought to be manlike, but with hideous teeth and talons. Not intelligent in a human way. Delvers only get half their combat total against it.
6 Crocodile man MR 84, WIZ 8 A humanoid crocodile with a raging appetite. Armed with crocodile sword (a piece of wood studded with crocodile teeth worth 9d6 in combat) Treasure: 5d6 gold pieces.