Tunnels & Trolls, Solo Dungeons

Here we have three on-line solo adventures for Tunnels & Trolls. They play exactly the same as the original game books, you'll need pen, paper and dice. You'll also need a copy of the Tunnels & Trolls rules.

"Oh no!" I hear you cry. "I don't have the Tuneels & Trolls rules. What do I do?"

Fear not! You can purchase rule books from Flying Buffalo Inc. or Fiery Dragon their websites can be found under Tunnel & Trolls Publishers on our Resources page.

"Ah ha! It's a con I'm not spending any money!" You don't have to. The kind people at Free Dungeons (also on our Resources page have an official set of abridged rules on-line... For Free!

Khosht by Ken St. Andre is Gristlegrim's money spinning franchise in the city of Khosht. It's just like going to the theatre, but not.

Hela's House of Dark Delights is also by Ken St. Andre. Enter here and you might just get what you desire.

The Eye of the Serpent was written specially for us by Andy R. Holmes of the Hobgoblin's Tavern, also on our Resources page under Tunnels & Trolls publishers. So long as you don't mind snakes, you'll be ok.