Hela's House of Dark Delights for Tunnels & Trolls

Ah! Khazan! Capital of the northern world! And what would a visit to Khazan be without a stop at Hela's House of Dark Delights? There are throngs waiting to get in, but as you enter you find yourself alone in a small room. It is dark inside, but as your eyes quickly adjust to the dim illumination from the few candles present. Underfoot is a thick soft carpet of some black fur that muffles all sound. Coming toward you is a pubescent Elf maiden of great beauty. She wears a scanty kilt and halter of shiny black patent leather along with long white gloves and boots. In her flowing hair is a tiara set with glittering diamonds and rubies. She leads you to a small table of polished ebony and seats you, asking if you would like some coffee or any other drink while looking at the menu.

You place your order and sit down. Looking around, you notice that the room is vaster than you thought, with a table like your own every 10 feet or so. A minute ago you would have sworn you were alone, but now you can see that you are only one of many. Beatiful Elf maidens flit among the tables like luminous white moths in the darkness bearing decanters of liquid and solid ivory menus. Your girl returns with your drink and menu. She curtsies and hands it to you, promising to return for your selection in a short time.

You examine the ivory tablet. It is carven with strange runes that rearrange themselves in your native language as you watch. (If your character was illiterate, it has just gained the ability to read its native language.) There are six selections; click on one. If you cannot decide, roll one die and try the number indicated. The tablet reads: You have entered the House of Dark Delights, to:

Reward yourself

Punish yourself

Challenge yourself

Change yourself

Obtain something

Dispose of an item