Hela's House of Dark Delights for Tunnels & Trolls

The Elfin enchantress smiles. "It is always a pleasure to grant a reward." She turns the menu over and the runes on it rearrange themselves to spell out the following message:

Hela is always happy to grant a reward; however the Laws of Karma require that the patron describe the action that merits the reward. If the action is deemed worthy, you shall have one of the rewards listed below.

Your hostess smiles dazzlingly. "Now tell me," she simpers, "what praiseworthy action have you performed lately?" You tell her while she listens in awe. Make your own level saving roll on Intelligence or Luck, whichever is your better attribute. Did you miss the saving roll? If you made it, read on.

"Truly that merits a great reward," she cries happily. "Choose now from the rewards that Hela offers!" The menu displays six possibilities. Choose one or roll one die and take a random reward.



Personal power

Good fortune