Hela's House of Dark Delights for Tunnels & Trolls

The Elf girl bends down and takes your face in her delicate hands and stares deeply into your eyes. (If your character is unnaturally large, she will levitate to face you and look through the windows of your soul.) "Truly," she whispers, "I do not believe your spirit matches your bodily form. Come with me, please." She leads you out of the room of the tables. You soon find yourself in a corridor of coruscating lights. They get ever brighter and more dazzling until you must close your eyes to protect yourself. Even then it seems that the light pours through and floods your brain.

Turn to section 2.41.2 in the T&T rules. For each letter in your character's name, count down one on the Monster Table. If you reach the bottom, return to the top and keep counting. (For example, if your name were Fred, you would count down Dragon, Goblin, Ogre, Orc. Your character would then become an Orc.) Then multiply by the multipliers listed. If you are a type that changes into the same type (a Troll who changes into a Troll, for instance), you will become a super example of that monster type. Go ahead and multiply your attributes by the multipliers anyway. (exit)