Hela's House of Dark Delights - Exit

Your time in Hela's House of Dark Delights is now finished. Before you is an obsidian door with the rune for Exit etched on its surface in living flame. You are told that you cannot re-enter the House until you have participated in an adventure somewhere beyond the city of Khazan - the Entrance door simply will not open for you. The Elf maid holds the door open and you pass through, back into the mean streets of the city of monsters.

When the door closes there is no sign of the obsidian pyramid. Your experience seems like a dream to you unless you have some physical token to prove its reality. You are totally unaware that half of your life-force has been drained from you at the end. (Reduce CON by half. In case of fractions, round down. A character with a CON of 1 would die at this point.) You have paid Hela's price - hopefully you got your wish for it.