Hela's House of Dark Delights for Tunnels & Trolls

She tells you to follow her. As you walk through the obsidian pyramid, it grows even darker until the Elf maiden is only a dimly seen ghost in front of you. Finally you come to a door marked EXIT in runes of fire. She motions you to walk through. (As you pass through the portal, your Constitution rating instantly is halved - something you won't notice for quite some time.) If you are a Warrior or a Rogue who knows no magic, go to paragraph 7A in Naked Doom. (Paragraph 28 if you have the Corgi Edition!) If you know any magical spells, go instead to the fifth paragraph on page 3 of Sewers of Oblivion. If you do not have the solitaire adventure called for, you will find this character imprisoned beneath the pyramid until such time as you obtain the necessary dungeon and complete this adventure.