Hela's House of Dark Delights for Tunnels & Trolls

"Come, you will enjoy yourself more in the casino," the Elf girl tells you. She leads you from the room of the tables to the casino. The two places are totally different. The casino sparkles with light, and people crowd elbow to elbow. There is only one game in Hela's casino. The wheel of fortune! But this wheel is unusual. The bets are all or nothing, and the wheels have no numbers. Instead, when you place your bet, you lay your hand upon a golden bar and an image of your face magically appears on one of the spokes of the wheel. When the wheel is spun, the faces flash off and on. If your face remains on the wheel when it stops, you are a winner. The odds against you are equal to your own character level number, and the chance of winning depends on your Luck. (Make your own level saving roll on Luck. Did you make it? Or did you miss?)