Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


Are you insane? To attack Dwarves in a room full of Dwarves is surely the height of folly. The six Dwarves grabe their battleaxes and counter-attack. Each Dwarf has a monster rating of 58 - that is 6d6 + 29 combat adds. There are 15 other Dwarves in the room that will also pile into the fight. You my use combat magic if you wish. The very press of numbers may protect you a bit as only 4 of them can get at you at one time. If one falls another takes his place until you either die, or slay all 20 of them.

You cannot call on Gristlegrim to save you from this predicament - you made an unprovoked attack on a room full of peaceful Dwarves! Don't forget to count spite damage for each round of combat. If they slay you, (reduce your CON to -10 or lower on one combat round) then switch off - the adventure is over. If at the end of a combat round, your CON is between 0 and -9, then you look dead, and they will quit attacking. Go to 1H. If you somehow slay them all, go to 1J.