Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht

2A Gristlegrim's Maze

You find yourself in a large open area. It is so dark that you can barely make out anything. The only light seems to come from the stars above and the bodies of luminous insects hovering in the air and flying around. Looking down, you find that you are on a little island of stone set within a pool of water that fills the room. Growing out of the water are various reeds and plants. Looking up, you see the night sky, but the stars are strange - they are not in patterns that you've ever seen before, and there is no sign of either the gray moon or the red one. You probe the water beside you with your weapon and find that it is very deep - you cannot touch the bottom. There are several stony islands dotting the surface of the pool. Some are within leaping distance.

Clearly you are meant to explore this strange environment. You could try leaping from island to island to see what you can find. If you wish to do that, go to 2B. Or, you could slip into the water and try swimming from place to place by going to 2C. Or, you could ask yourself if there is some hidden plan to this room that you need to figure out. To try that, go to 2D.