Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


The closer you look at the skeletons, the more you think they used to be Ogres. Certainly the size is about right, and the tusks fit the image. You are pretty sure that Gristlegrim has hidden the exit key in one of the coffins, and being wise in the ways of adventuring, pretty sure that the skeleton warriors are not just there for show. Well, you must go forward. If you wish to open coffin number 1, go to 3C; coffin number 2, go to 3D, and coffin number 3 sends you to 3E. If you'd like to cast magic, go to 3F. If you wish to attack skeleton number 1, go to 3G, or skeleton number 2, go to 3H. If you'd like to search the coffins for traps, go to 3J.