Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


You are badly hurt and may be dying or dead. If your CON is between 0 and minus 10, then you are unconscious. If it is minus 10 or lower, you are dead-close the book. But if you still live, it's a matter of your natural strength and will to survive that will determine if you live or die. If you are at 0 to -3 CON, make a L1SR on your current STR; -4 to -6 will require a L2SR on current STR; -7 to -9 will require a L3SR on current STR. Don't forget that you can add your character level number to the SR if it will help you make it, and that a roll of 2, 1 is always a failure, no matter what your attibute may be. If you missed the SR, you died of your wounds. If you made the STR SR, then go to 4L.