Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht


After about 10 minutes a monster duly appears from the Random Monster Tables. You recover 1 STR or WIZ point if you were down. The monster whirls into its attack. You just have time to say a PRAYER if you wish (Go to Prayer.). Then you are fighting for your life. It's another fight to the finish. If you die, close the book. If you win, you may search the fallen for for treasure. Make a L6SR on Luck. (45 - LK). If you make it, go to 6H; if you miss it, take whatever ordinary treasure the monster had, and return to 6A.. (Yes, there is a potential for a long, long loop here. I'm counting on you as the delver to either make a different choice, or make your saving roll, or die beneath monstrous fangs and talons.-Ken)