Gristlegrim Mini-Dungeon : Khosht

The Tin Man Room

You are in a room whose walls seem to be made of polished steel. In the exact center of the room is a steel box, and atop the box sits a steel man armed with a woodsman's axe. Although the steel man is all made of metal, his eyes are made of crystal. There is no place to go except to the robot in the center.

As you step towards the robot, the room starts to fill with smoke.

After a few seconds you hear several Bampfs! And then you see shadowy figures running around in the smoke accompanied by muffled chattering and then a few dwarvish curses.

Suddenly a barely intelligible voice with a bad double echo booms out: "We apologise for the inconvenience. Due to technical difficulties - this adventure will have to be terminated."

At least you hope it said "adventure" and not "adventurer". The smoke thickens until you cannot see anything then suddenly disappears and you are left standing in front of a grey screen. You recognise this as the dark hall next to Gristlegrim's temple in Khosht. In front of you an angry crowd starts booing and throwing half empty beer glasses at the screen. You decide to exit stage left before the crowd turns real-ugly. Take 1000ap for being one of the very few to survive Gristlegrim:Khosht!