Gristlegrim's Monsters Octopuses, Giant

Hostile, hungry, and indomitable, these pink and purple monstrosities have been magically adapted to swim through the air of the Gristlegrim dungeon just as if they were underwater. Their powerful tentacles can tear a man apart, and their steely beaks are worse than scissors for cutting a delver to pieces. These critters get big and nasty fast.

Level 1: Monster Rating: 41. Body diameter: 3 feet. Tentacle length: 8 feet. Usual color: light purple.
Level 2: Monster Rating: 82. Body diameter: 6 feet. Tentacle length: 16 feet. Usual color: dark purple.
Level 3: Monster Rating: 123. Body diameter: 9 feet. Tentacle length: 24 feet. Usual color: puce and crimson.
Level 4: Monster Rating: 164. Body diameter: 12 feet. Tentacle length: 32 feet. Usual color: magenta and scarlet.
Level 5: Monster Rating: 205. Body diameter: 15 feet. Tentacle length: 40 feet. Usual color: purple gray and white.
Level 6: Monster Rating: 246. Body diameter: 18 feet. Tentacle length: 48 feet. Usual color: Black and crimson.

Number appearing: 1D6. The level of octopus always matches the level of the dungeon.