Gristlegrim's Monsters Nar-Annar Frogs

Living in stagnant water and humid conditions, the Nar-Annar Frogs are not hostile in any sense, but they are curious and fearless, and there are a lot of them. Their magic does not always work. Once each game turn the G.M. should have each adventurer try to make a L4 saving roll on Luck--those who miss it are touched by a frog and turned into a golden statue. Note: the effect only works on living tissue, so the statues remain in their old clothing, most of which has rotted away in the damp atmosphere. Weapons, armor, treasure of all sorts may be found by those who search.

They are easily slain with a monster rating of only 10 per frog up to 2 feet in length, but people touched by them must make a saving roll equal to the frog's level on Luck. They may grow as large as 6 feet in total length and reach monster ratings of 30.